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Motorbike and cycle crime prevention tags and labels

Motorbike and Cycle Shop Security

With Ducati, Suzuki, BMW and Harley Davidson among a few of our customers, SASecure are the number one choice in providing knowledgeable advice and effective loss prevention solutions for the wide range of products within motorcycle stores.
We also have a wealth of experience within the ever growing cycling industry; with more than two million people across the country now cycling at least once a week, sales of clothing and bikes are continuing to grow year on year, meaning that theft is now more prevalent that ever.
SASecure can offer specialist tags and labels designed for the protection of expensive helmets, boots and leather goods, not to mention some of the larger items such as bikes; SASecure have everything you will need to protect your valuable stock and retain your profits:

  • Specialist lanyard tags allowing protection of helmets and boots/shoes whilst still allowing customers to try them on
  • Optical tags offer protection of sports glasses and goggles etc
  • Pin less tags offer security for waterproof clothing or leather goods without impairing the products integrity
  • Adhesive labels ensure protection of packaged goods
  • Hanging accessory tags allow security of products on wall mounted display racks
  • The widest possible choice of both visual and discreet security systems in a wide range of finishes; you are sure to find one you like...