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Metal, Hyper, Apparel Guard

Metal/Hyper & ApparelGuard

Metal and HyperGuard are both metal detection systems with MetalGuard being designed for the retail market and HyperGuard intended specifically for the supermarket industry; both systems are designed to highlight and stop theft from the use of foil lined bags that in some cases can block the signal given off by security labels or hard tags as the thief passes through the security pedestal systems at the exit point.
ApparelGuard is an effective system designed for fitting rooms to detect and identify a potential theft occurring by alerting staff when a customer enters a cubicle with a magnetic device. it is likely that their intention is to try and remove the security tags located on the products that they have taken into the changing rooms.
Although there are many type of tags and tag detachment methods if you are finding tags in your changing rooms or products that have been ‘double tagged’ i.e. a thief has taken off a tag in the changing room and then reapplied it back onto another item to avoid the staff finding loose tags on the floor that will arouse suspicion, then it is likely that you are being targeted by magnet thieves and ApparelGuard could help resolve these issues by alerting staff to the fact that they need to check that customers items closely before they leave the fitting room area to assess for:

Missing items

Missing tags off products

Double tags on products

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