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Shrink Managagment as a Service

Cloud based SMaaS

Shrink Managagment as a Service (SMaaS)

Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) is a cloud-based offering designed to help enhance productivity, increase reliability and boost performance for a more effective Loss Prevention program. This innovative service provides device management, along with predictive analytics to help reduce shrink, improve sales, and optimize staffing. SMaaS helps reduce shrink while addressing underlying root causes with better equipment uptime and actionable insights. All connected devices are proactively monitored by dedicated remote diagnostic specialists to ensure systems are on-line and functioning properly. With its easy-to-navigate dashboards, SMaaS helps make sense of the data for early identification of problems and better decision making where it counts. Whether the objective is to minimize shrink, increase conversion rates, optimize inventory, drive employee productivity or enhance overall store performance, SMaaS provides the tools to be more effective.
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SMaaS specs

Wireless Device Manager

Wireless Module

Local Device Manager II (LDMII)


Sensormatic Synergy Network Card